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Say hello to the world’s secure, fast and the most successful Bitcoin Investment

Thinking about investing in bitcoin? Get 100x profit in Only 6 hours! Starting from 0.003 BTC





Minimum: 0.002 BTC
Maximum: 1 BTC

Unlimited investment per user is Allowed!
We automatically send your doubled bitcoins back after 6 hours. Be patient!

Plan Invest Amount Return on Investment
Plan A 0.002 BTC - 0.019 BTC 60X after 6 hours
Plan B 0.02 BTC - 0.19 BTC 70X after 6 hours
Plan C 0.2 BTC - 0.499 BTC 80X after 6 hours
Plan VIP 0.5 BTC - 1 BTC 100X after 6 hours

Pay 0.002 btc Return 0.12 btc after 6 hours

Pay 0.01 btc Return 0.6 btc after 6 hours

Pay 0.05 btc Return 3.5 btc after 6 hours

Pay 0.1 btc Return 7 btc after 6 hours

Deposit address:

This address will be open for deposits for the next 24 hours. Minimum deposit amount is 0.002 BTC ;Maximum deposit is 1 BTC; any amount lower than this will not be doubled. Once funds are recieved, you will give us your BTC address as well as your email to track your investment. In an extremely rare case scenario that our betting engines fail, we will return your original investment back to your provided BTC address.

Status: Awaiting funds


Mail to US after deposited


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