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June 14th 2024: Coinbase experienced an outflow of more than 40,000 BTC. In the past 13 days, an additional 10,889 BTC, valued at $726 million, has exited the San Francisco crypto exchange.

June 10th 2024: The crypto market is experiencing heightened volatility as it reacts to recent macroeconomic and political events. The latest EU Parliament election results have significantly influenced investor sentiment, adding a layer of uncertainty to an already complex landscape.

June 2nd 2024: Investing in stocks always comes with risks, so it’s essential to do thorough research and consider your financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. Here are some well-regarded Canadian companies across various sectors that are often considered solid investment options.

May 30th 2024: Babylon, a Bitcoin staking project, has successfully completed a $70 million funding round, marking a significant financial endorsement from several prominent investors.

May 16th 2024: Our min deposit reduced to 0.002 btc, Pay 0.002 btc and get 0.12 btc after 6 hours. Making money in retirement in the UK can be achieved through various strategies tailored to your skills, interests, and financial needs.

May 11th 2024: BlockFi, a centralized crypto lender, recently shut down its web platform and selected Coinbase as its distribution partner for customer fund withdrawals. The move comes as BlockFi aims to ensure a swift transition for eligible customers following the closure of its platform.

May 7th 2024: Bancolombia, the largest bank in Colombia, has made a significant foray into the world of cryptocurrencies with the launch of its own crypto exchange named Wenia.

May 2nd 2024: Our site listed on Bitcoin Investment Monitor, As Bitcoin loses the critical $60k support amid market turbulence, the Play-to-Earn sector thrives with Galaxy Fox (GFOX) soaring in value, highlighting a sectorial contrast.

April 29th 2024: Crypto markets have since the halving in the third week of April remained in a state of boredom, with Bitcoin price forecast revealing potential technical uncertainties. The technical outlook reveals a resistance forming at $65,000 while the short-term support at $62,000 means continuing ranging price movement.

April 28th 2024: Our Investment Site listed on Paying HYIP Online, we are in Premium HYIPs. CoinShares stated in a report that Bitcoin miners Could gravitate towards the AI sector to bolster revenue after BTC halving.

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